A brief history

I’m Ken Powell, executive director and founder of Positive Marketing.

Flashback and rewind to 1992, I started positive after developing my creative career at a handful of London agencies in the eighties and before transitioning into account management. At the time integrated marketing or through-the-line was an emerging trend, which I continued to practice at positive with a clutch of B2B&C customers.

Andy Harvey, our creative director joined the team in ninety-six after a super career working with many of London’s top advertising and marketing agencies. This is how Andy and I came to know one another, so our collaboration was always going to be successful and enduring. It was around this time our focus shifted to providing more direct response marketing services, driven by the needs of our growing client base.

In 2001, a publishing client moved to London Business School and took us with him, so began our executive education experience. We soon found a passion for this style of work, a liking for the marketing professionals the sector attracts, and over time we developed an appreciation and deep understanding of the environment and its challenges. Over the next decade we developed a number of long term relationships with UK and overseas business schools, universities and executive training organisations.

Now fast forward to 2013, we have pretty much focused our efforts in the management development sector and intend to continue this emphasis going forward. Today, we operate a small team of marketing professionals which we supplement and complement with resources as required from offices in arty Hoxton, East London.

We deliver client advantage every day – flexibility to respond rapidly to tight deadlines and new opportunities, we keep our overheads lean and costs keen, and exercise control of work in progress to meet your deadlines. We continue to enjoy the challenges marketing management development throws at us.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Talk to Ken07989 387792ken@pozmark.com