An effective tool in your brand strategy

Whether it’s a free pen, a flash drive or a t-shirt, items customised with a logo are powerful marketing tools that increase brand awareness, enhance loyalty and generate leads at a low cost compared with other marketing channels

SELECTPREMIUMS is a curated collection of desirable business and lifestyle objects chosen for their relevance and brand-ability. Working alongside Positive Marketing, we’ve been searching the world for premium merchandise since the mid90s so your brand stands out.


Enhance loyalty

Promotional products brings strong client retention and loyalty to those who value your brand. A well chosen gift and message delivers brand personality, making it more tangibility and accessible.

Recognition & visibility

You want to build a strong reputation and stand out from your competitors. Promotional items remain in offices, cars and homes for a long time, continually reminding the recipient of your brand.

Turn customers into ambassadors

Promotional items start conversations in the work place and in social settings between like-minded colleagues and friends who share common challenges, you can’t beat a personal recommendation.


Compared to other forms of advertising, you get a bigger bang from an item that fits your budget. Your audience will appreciate a gift and most likely use it in their daily lives for six months or more.

Stay front of mind

You’ve already made a significant investment identifying and developing prospects. Tactically use promotional gifts to keep your brand front of mind until t ready he recipient makes a decision.

Income generator

Participants value your brand. Like members of a club or fans of a team, they are supporters and proud of the association. Creating an exclusive range of merchandise item can generate significant income.